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Coming of age on the streets of Hollywood

" This book was able to shift my perspective on homelessness in a way that really surprised me. For the first time I truly understood that the choice to be on the streets for some is more about autonomy, the chance to live life on their own terms, even if it is dangerous and frightening. I felt every up and every down with the author in this book. I finished the book inspired to be better- to do something for the people who need it the most. " - Amazon reader

Hindsight will be released in Spanish Oct 2019.


My new middle school fiction series, The Resilience Group, has been launched.

Join the movement to discuss childhood trauma and healing with kids, ages 10+. 

This series will also be available soon in Spanish. (estimated  Spanish release 2020).

" Thank you for writing such a readable book about a difficult topic. Whether it is from the point of view of Hailey, her teachers, the other students, her grandmother, healthcare providers or her companion dog, there is a lot to be contemplated from reading this fabulous story. Thank you so much for giving me very substantial ideas to think about and work with. I can't wait for your next project. " - Amazon reader 

The Resilience Group #1: Trigger Warning

The Resilience Group #2: Haiku 

Coming soon:

The Resilience Group #3: Backfire (Oct 2019)

The Resilience Group #4:  Personal Space (Nov 2019)

The Resilience Group #5: My Name is Josh (Dec 2019)


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